Our goal is to make Additive Manufacturing as reliable and cost-efficient as conventional manufacturing through data-powered insights.​

Our Story

We are a spin-off from the Fraunhofer IAPT in Hamburg, Germany. Throughout our years at Fraunhofer IAPT, we have worked extensively on quality assurance and process optimization in Additive Manufacturing (AM), allowing us to encounter the challenges of effective data management and analytics firsthand. Additionally, we have witnessed the potential of proper data management and analytics in optimizing Additive Manufacturing processes through numerous projects. With amsight we transform our idea of an effective data management and analytics software for Additive Manufacturing into reality.​

> 13 years

professional experience in software development

> 20 years

professional experience in additive manufacturing

Founding team of amsight in Hamburg

The Founding Team

Get to know our founding team in more detail and connect with us by mail or via LinkedIn.

Tim Wischeropp - Co-Founder and CEO of amsight

Dr.-Ing. Tim Wischeropp
Co-founder & CEO​

Tim worked in the Additive Manu-facturing industry for more than 13 years and specialized in process-optimization and quality assurance for L-PBF. As CEO he is responsible for the strategic path and cooperations.

Peter Lindecke - Co-Founder and CCO of amsight

Peter Lindecke
Co-founder & CCO​

Peter has > 8 years of experience in the field of Additive  Manufacturing, focusing on digital quality assurance. Throughout his  career, he has consistently displayed a strong inclination towards  innovation, which he currently channels into his role as CCO at amsight.

Raoul Dittmann - Co-Founder and CTO of amsight

Raoul Dittmann
Co-founder & CTO​

Raoul has multiple years of experience in Software Development and > 3 years of experience in Additive Manufacturing, focusing on quality  assurance and data preservation. He embraces amsight as an opportunity to shape a sustainanble future.

Simon Schauss - Co-Founder and CTO of amsight

Simon Schauß
Co-founder & CTO​

Simon, a dedicated Software Developer with 9 years of experience, is  driven by a genuine passion for innovation. Through his expertise in software development, he aims to make a meaningful impact with amsight.


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April 25, 2024

Digital Innovation Startup Competition

amsight is among the winners of the prestigious ‘Digital Innovation Startup Competition’ in Germany!